Our Pastors


  • Men's Ministry - 4th Saturday of month @ 10am

  • Women's Ministry - 3rd Saturday of month @ 10am

  • Food Outreach to the projects - Saturdays @ 9:30am

  • Grocery giveaway - Sundays after 10:30am service

  • Youth Ministry 

  • Worship Ministry - Tuesday Practice @ 7pm, worship at all services

  • Kids Ministry - Wednesdays @ 7pm and Sundays @ 10:30am

  • Dance Ministry -  Performs on Sunday Services 

  • Usher & Greeter Ministry - Wednesdays @ 7pm and Sundays @ 10:30am

  • Connection Classes - Sundays @ 9am (sign up in lobby)

  • Cleaning Ministry - Saturdays @ 9:30am

  • Corporate Prayer Ministry - Saturdays @ 8:30am

  • RSL "Rock Solid Life" Midweek Bible Study - Wednesdays @ 7pm

  • Main Worship Service - Sundays @ 10:30am

  • Cafe Ministry (Prepare Coffee & Food) - Sundays @ 10:00pm

  • Drama Ministry - Meets Periodically

  • The Event Ministry - Meets monthly and helps on big outreach events

  • Flag Ministry - Ministers During Sunday Services

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After every victory comes opposition. The enemy will try to stop us from advancing our lives and God’s kingdom. In fact the devil will try to get us to abort the vision God has given to us by causing delay… using people to disbelieve in us… and get us to doubt we have even heard from God. I heard the Holy Spirit say… “Stay strong, don’t lose heart and keep pushing forward. What you hold is a seed but that seed will soon become a tree that will provide shade, fruit and blessing. Stay strong. Encourage yourself. Love all. 

Our Ministries

Assembly of God

Our Team

Quote by Pastor Brad Kuechler, M.A.

Rock Solid Revival Center is an Assembly of God Church . The AG has been in existence for 100 years and is the largest Spirit Filled Christian organization. Rock Solid has been in existence since 1937 and we have been here at 10th street since 1958. We have a unique vision based on the words of Jesus. Jesus taught us to make church simple. When He was asked "what is the greatest commandment?" Jesus said, "To love God with all our heart and to love people as ourselves. All the 10 commandments are based on these two points. At Rock Solid you will find a very loving church.  Our vision is simple... "Love God, Love People, and Care For The Hurting."  While we teach verse by verse and topical we follow the BELIEFS of the Assembly of God. You can read them by CLICKING HERE.

Brad and Carolyn Kuechler met in a prayer meeting. In 1998 they were married. They found each other in ministry and have been serving the Lord together in ministry since.  They have always had a deep love for God and His Word. In fact they have seen many healing's, salvations, prophetic words and miracles breakout in their services due to the uncompromised word of God. They formed a ministry called God's Word International which is dedicated to preaching and sharing God's Word and seeing revival, miracles, salvation and healing's to all.  God has called them to bring a bible revival and a return to God's Word.  They have been pastoring here at Rock Solid since 2001. They have two beagles and are truly pastors who love people and have given their lives to this cause.   Pastor Brad also has his Masters Degree in Biblical Studies and Organizational Leadership.